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Garcia Family Ministries!

The Garcia’s rely 100% on the generosity of those who choose to support their efforts in full-time ministry with special needs kids and music. Your generous gifts are sincerely appreciated.

Froggie Fund

The Froggie Fund is a separate fund specifically designated and dedicated to “Making Wishes Come True” for our adopted special needs/terminally ill children. Before ^Andrew^ passed away, he was denied his wish. So, a decision was made to “Fully Rely On God” (F.R.O.G) In honor of our son Andrew (who had a love for Frogs) your gifts are used to take our children to special places to enjoy, very much like typical families and children do. Disney World, National Parks, Amusement Parks. It also provides for special adaptive medical equipment as the needs arises such as protective head gear, heart monitor, and a suction machine. Please help us Make Wishes Come True today! Thank you!