People often ask me, “When you write about your experience with cancer, you spell it wrong intentionally. Why is that?” I enjoy answering this question because it gives me the opportunity to express how much I detest this awful monster.

I have heard about how horrible it is to have can(s)er in any form. It is a word that can send instant fear through a person at the very moment they are diagnosed with it. It has a power so overwhelming that it can shake someone to the very core of their being. The very mention of the word changes a person and alters their life forever. It shows no respect of social, economic, familial, political, or religious status. It is selfish and unforgiving. I despise it!

A very good friend of mine witnessed her daughter struggle with this monster to the very end. She shared an opinion with me that her daughter had about can(s)er and it really impacted how I viewed this infliction and my attitude towards it.

Leigha said, “It has no right to be spelled correctly”.

You are correct Leigha. For what it does to people, families, and friends it should never be given the respect of correct spelling. It should have no legitimacy. Someday God will eradicate it forever. THAT will be a beautiful day.

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