Meet the Garcias

The ministry of Jerry & Sarah Garcia is quite unique. They not only have a ministry in music, but also a ministry of adoption. But their calling to this distinctive ministry is specifically adopting special needs children.

Back in the 1980’s when state children’s institutions where just beginning their phase out, Jerry worked as a residential aid caring for the everyday needs of severely mentally handicapped children and adults. It was then that God placed a special love and burden in his heart for these disadvantaged individuals. As these institutions began to close down and place residents in foster homes, Jerry moved on to another career. But the burden for these children was still in his heart when he married his wife Sarah in 1998. It was two years later they opened their home to these special angels from heaven. Sarah, having a history in the medical field had the experience and heart to take on the challenges that come with these special individuals.

As a family they travel sharing their testimony with audiences all across the country. Although they each have unique challenges, God is able. They let everyone know that their trust is in God fully, and if you do the same He will amaze you in what He can do in you and through you by the power of His Spirit. What God has done in the Garcia family, He CAN do for you!

  • Jerry Garcia

    Jerry was born and raised in Adrian, Michigan. He has one older sibling. His life has been one of various experiences from salesman to radio personality. He has sung various styles of music from country to classical. His vocal foundation comes from some of the most acclaimed and distinguished vocal instructors in classical music. He also studied Theology at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Jerry is now living his dream. Singing the music he loves and raising and nurturing special needs children. Read more about Jerry’s weight loss journey and get family updates on the blog.

  • Sarah Garcia

    Sarah is from Kingsport, Tennessee. She proudly represents the South both in personality and accent! Sweet tea is her drink of choice! She has two younger siblings, a brother and sister. Sarah runs her own embroidery business. Most of all she enjoys being a stay-home “momma.” Her children are her life. She loves her home and the serenity that lies therein. Visit Sarah’s website or Facebook page.

  • Kathryn Elise Garcia

    Kathryn Elise Garcia was born in 2000 in Adrian, Michigan. Her challenges include Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Hydrocephalous just to name a few. Katie came to the Garcia home when she was 18 months old and only weighed 13lbs. Severely neglected and after numerous hospital admissions, the Garcia’s took her into their home. After several years of therapy, treatment, and love she is a thriving little girl who loves to go to school and listen to daddy sing!

  • Emmilee Inez Garcia

    Emmilee Inez Garcia was born in 2007 in Adrian, Michigan. Emmilee has a rare brain disorder called Severe Bilateral Open Schizencephaly. She was placed with the Garcia’s just one day after she was born. As you can see she was born with a beautiful smile and the Garcia’s call her their “Happy girl” because she always has a smile on her face! Emmilee was given the middle name “Inez” after Sarah’s childhood nanny. She was a very loving woman and had a profound effect on Sarah’s life. Emmilee’s biological family had the courage to place her for adoption and they continue to have an open relationship with the Garcia’s.

  • Andrew Chance Garcia

    Andrew Chance Garcia was born in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2009 with a terminal brain disorder called Hydranencephaly. Andrew was adopted just one month after he was born. His biological mother was strongly advised to abort Andrew. Prenatal care indicated his quality of life would be extremely limited and was only expected to live a few short months. She declined to do so saying, “I want to give him a chance at life”, thus naming him Chance. The Garcia’s admired her courage so much that they kept his name. When they flew to Ft. Worth to pick him up they were advised to celebrate Christmas in October because he was not expected to live that long. Long story short, they all celebrated Christmas together as a family. Sadly, on January 29, 2012 while in the arms of his mother & father, Andrew was escorted by the angels into the ever loving arms of Jesus. Andrew had a love for Frogs and will forever be “Froggie Prince”.

  • Jacob Michael Garcia

    Jacob Michael Garcia was also born in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2012 with a rare brain disorder called Polymicrogyria & Schizencephaly. Jacob was adopted just two months after he was born. He was never seen or held by his biological mother after birth. He was born into this world alone with no home to go to. But, while in temporary care God had a home ready and waiting for him in Michigan. Jacob’s story inspired the song “When Love Takes You In”. Although having no place to call home at first, there was a family dreaming about his arrival and with open arms to say “I Love You”.

  • Zoe Hope Garcia

    Zoe was born in 2016 in Austin, Texas. She battles a genetic disorder called Donnai-Barrow Syndrome. This disorder affects many parts of the body. She came to the Garcia home just three months after birth. Her middle name comes from Jerry’s late mother Esperanza, which is translated  “Hope” in Spanish. Zoe brings a new set of challenges for Jerry and Sarah. She was born with a very serious heart condition that has required open heart surgery. They both work very hard to help Zoe live through her personal challenges. Through it all Zoe brings sunshine into her new home with her laughter and bright smile. Through open communication Zoe get’s to see her biological family quite often.

Support the Garcias

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